International philanthropy: support a charitable project in Europe, Africa, Asia, or America

Donor-advised funds

A flexible tool to make recurring donations for charitable projects overseas:

A donor-advised fund at Myriad Canada is a flexible tool for individuals, families, and companies that wish to provide regular support to European, African, Asian, or American charitable projects approved.

This means you can:

  • make contributions to your fund whenever it suits you;
  • obtain official receipt for tax purposes in Canada;
  • recommend donations to your favourite project.

Directed donations

Make a one-time donation to a charitable activity outside of Canada with our flexible solution:

By making a directed donation to KBF CANADA, donors can support a charitable activity that’s especially important to them, whether in Europe, Africa, Asia, or America.

We can help you identify first-rate charitable initiatives in the country, region, or field of your interest.

Since Myriad Canada is a registered charitable organization in Canada, donors can obtain official receipts for their donations and claim the income tax credits to which they are entitled under Canadian law.

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